Hotels, cruise ships, airplanes or hospitals
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PurSystem kills bed bugs with controlled circulating heat
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Eliminates HAI, which includes MRSA and others
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Pur System Process

How PurSystem eliminates bedbugs from luggage:
A conveyor carries luggage into PurSystem's sealed, protective housing.
PurSystem heats to 160° and intiates the ultra-violet light. (120° is enought to kill adult bedbugs, larvae and eggs.)
Bed bugs, bacteria, germs, and virus after a few minutes. without harming the contents of the luggage.

PurSystem Bed Bug Defense

PŪR SYSTEM™ is a “State-of-the-Art” Environmentally Friendly means of heating luggage and potentially contaminated items at a controlled temperature through the means of Conduction, Convection and UV light for the control and elimination of Bed Bugs.

Hospital Information

The following common pathogens associated with HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) require the following UVC dose for a 3 log reduction:

AERO 3D - Bed Bug Machine

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