Our Company

We are a team of doctors, professors and entomologists, who are concerned about the growing bed bug and disease problem that exists today, so we decided to be a part of the solution and make a difference by developing the Pur System.

Our Story And How We Got Started

Our team identified a growing problem in bed bug infestations and disease entering hotels, hospitals and cruise lines.

Since many of us have people in our lives that have been affected by bed bugs or contracted a bacteria or viral disease while traveling, we asked doctors and entomologists a question. Is there a safe, non-toxic way of killing germs and bed bugs without side effects, before they enter a facility or home?

They responded that heat and UV light has killed bed bugs, bacteria and virus for years and that we need to proactively utilize this proven technology to kill bed bugs and disease “at the door” before entering a facility.

Our team researched the cause of this problem, and confirmed the cause was people carrying in bed bugs and disease on their personal belongings especially their luggage. As stated by many top University researchers, “bed bugs are hitch hikers, hiding themselves in the seams and zippers of your luggage.” So our team went to work to find a solution to the CAUSE of the problem BEFORE becoming an epidemic. We are excited to offer this researched and proven method of killing bed bugs. We would also like to thank you for visiting our page and considering this new innovative product that can assist you in controlling an on-going problem

Pur System Process

How PurSystem eliminates bedbugs from luggage:
A conveyor carries luggage into PurSystem's sealed, protective housing.
PurSystem heats to 160° and intiates the ultra-violet light. (120° is enought to kill adult bedbugs, larvae and eggs.)
Bed bugs, bacteria, germs, and virus after a few minutes. without harming the contents of the luggage.

Hospital Information

The following common pathogens associated with HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) require the following UVC dose for a 3 log reduction:

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